Our Story


Bitondoughs is a family-developed operation created by the three siblings Bianca, Alessandro, and Christina Bitondo. Each member of the Bitondoughs family adds a unique element to Bitondoughs that encompasses our passion for desserts. Our head decorator and baker, Bianca, is the master behind the baking and display of all the cupcakes and cookie designs. Alessandro specializes in our Italian pastries, especially our featured Zeppole 'Nonna's Favourite' named after Alessandro himself. Christina is the "behind the scenes" of the operation. Christina capitalizes on social media and website management while being the familiar face delivering your orders to you!

At Bitondoughs, we believe that we can provide family-favourite desserts while incorporating our creative spin on a variety of sweets. The Bitondoughs team shares a strong passion for desserts that not only taste incredible but bring a smile to those eating them by ensuring all our products look as good as they taste. Happy shopping!